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1 definition by saxgirl

band geek or band nerd, the best people you could ever meet.

obbsessed with band.
constantly on there mind.
refer to band as second home.
love band.
have a "band family" or people that are in band.
have "band moms".
usually date inside the band family, almost like incest.
able to endure long bus rides, and enjoy them.
quick on sex jokes yet unable to back them up having not actually done what there saying themselfes (lol).
the funniest most perverted people ever.
all of there friends are most likely in band and have made non bandies join.
the band jokes.
not actually caring what happens in the foot ball game and putting more concern in halftime.
liking band practice.
loving band camp!
band geek practically anyone who is an obbsessed sexist racist homophobic sexual inuendo givng jackass in band lol. also someone who is funny and nice and has alot of friends especially in there band family.
by saxgirl October 03, 2009