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A sort of suffix that allows a person to do or say something stereotypically African American without being misconstrued as an actual black person.
I don't know how to swim, I'm two hours late for work, and I had fried chicken for lunch. No Negro.
by sawgee rawkwell, III August 29, 2010
This is how all my real mf'ers will refer to the year 2010. "Ten," "Twenty-ten," and "Two thousand ten" are all awkward. This is far more gangster.
In the dime, I gets mine.
by sawgee rawkwell, III January 01, 2010
Snowboarding. Peep game: diamonds are ice, so ice is diamonds. Thus, when you're out carving up the slopes, you're diamond cutting.
I'm a biracial snowboarder, so when I'm up at Mammoth doing my thing like Shaun Half-White, I'm diamond cutting. Act like you know.
by sawgee rawkwell, III April 13, 2009
A fake thug. "Fugazi" means something is fake, right? So if a fool is thugazi, then he ain't really about all that bullshit he talkin'. A thugazi is likely to snitch if he gets popped.
This fool is yappin' like he carryin' guns and weight, but that nigga lives with his grandma. I'm sayin' -- he be going to the Sizzler with her pension. He don't pump nathan. He thugazi.
by sawgee rawkwell, III April 13, 2009

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