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3 definitions by sausage fingas

the ultimate legend! do you know any one else from bolton who can get more then 1 person in a room to laugh with them and not at them!

"you mean garlic...... and bread!"

"gaaaaaaaarlic bread!"
by sausage fingas May 08, 2005
cockney rhyming slang often thrown around in my family when certain members need a shit!
fuck me, that rubys doin sumersaults, i need to have a fat tomtit!
by sausage fingas June 03, 2005
a small or large amount of femented crust pulled from ones ass!
luke: yo, that kid just pulled some shit out of his ass!

eddy: yo son!, dat shits some fresh pikins, damn butt raiding mother fucker!
by sausage fingas May 08, 2005