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An Abby is a girl who is extremely crazy and ADD, however is always obsessed with school and is a major perfectionist. Abbys are usually short and athletic... and usually are curvy and blonde. Abbys will often hav a boyfriend, but they will end it because they can't stand not being able to flirt. Loyal friend and will always forgive, but piss her off and you will suffer the consequences. Has a huge sense of humor, most often sarcastic. Tends to have a intense love relationship with food.
"That girl is awesome, I wish I was her."

"Yeah me too, she's an Abby though. I mean everyone wants to be her or be with her."
#abbie #abigail #add #food #flirt
by saucymeatball612 January 08, 2013
1) A girl who doesn't really care about anything but drama and likes to do a full split on her horny boyfriends dick then call other people slut faced ho-bags.

2) A crazy-ass psychopath who enjoys making other people feel bad about themselves. Typically thinks they are really good at their sport when really they suck. Expects people to give her special privileges because she is a rich ass motherfucker. Overreacts about literally everything. Total bitch: BEWARE.

3) An amazing black girl who twerks that ishhh.
Sophies are very self explanatory creatures... no example necessary.
#bitch #partier #slut #psycho #swag
by saucymeatball612 February 19, 2013
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