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When a male has an excesive amount of pee left over on his weiner it soaks through his underwear or through his pants.
HA did you see Kevin's pants? He was pissing outside and I ran up behind him and scared him. He zipped up his pants so fast he didn't have time to shake so now he's got a huge Wizzle Drizzle spot on his jeans!
by SassyJax01 December 07, 2010
Your garden variety whore who has Bleach Blonde hair on the top and Black underneath. This person usually is married but sleeps with anything that will talk to her. They are usually broke off their ass with several kids, gets fired from jobs, get cars repoed on a routine basis along with getting their heat shut up and about 100 collection calls a day.

They don't have absolutely any $ to pay their bills (even the minimum on their credit cards) but yet they already have 20 credit cards almost all maxed out so they apply for another one and go buy bleach for their hair, more skin tight pants so their camel toe hangs out, get their nails done, buy fake designer purses, and buys economy size boxes of rubbers for all the guys she bangs besides her husband so she don't spread her Herpes anymore.

They also are the kind of people who act like they have it made in their life with nice things but really they are on Welfare, get food stamps, housing and heating assistance, and free health insurance so they can have yet another kid that isn't their husbands.

This person just basically sucks at life!
Heidi is such a Skeezy Skuzzy Skunky Skank, you think she'd keep her legs closed so she doesn't get knocked up again. Looks like I'll be paying for this baby too since she's a welfare case.

Pretty soon she's going to have to take a whole school bus load of dudes on Maury to test for all the baby's daddy's. #42 you are NOT the Father, who's next take a #. Ha Ha
by SassyJax01 December 07, 2010
A dirty bitch who sleeps with many people, is painful to be around, only like's to associate with people when she benefits from a situation, has a few friends but thinks she's prettier then them and talks shit about them behind their back, constantly looks in the mirror, has to reapply makeup every 5 minutes, is always fishing for compliments from anyone who will talk to her, is a shitty person, narcissistic, self absorbed, egotistical, conceited, selfish, more annoying them a Hemorrhoid, and acts like a big Twat.
Look at Raven clinging on that guy because she thinks he has money and will take her home. She's worse then a gold digger, she's acting like a Cum Guzzling Twat Blister!
by SassyJax01 April 28, 2011
People that spell in text/hick ebonics talk on a regular basis and think it looks/sounds cool when it truly only makes them look like an illiterate dumbass.
Wow that girl is an idiot, look at her Hick Ebonics! On Facebook she wrote on my friends page "Me so hawt, hada whur ma wife beeter and dayzi dooks fur ma furst dey of cowledg skool tadey. Yer wurkin tamaro rite? Iz fawty bux enuf tu cuver dat nuw fone I waunt? Y cantt N E 1 undur staund me on hur? Ppl say I shuldn't have babiz cuz thur smawter den meya. Whu seyz jest cuz I spendt 3 yrz in da aighth grayd den qwit skewl, i gawt ma GED !? A nudder pursin tinx I gawt patentiol tu B smawrt. Sew sik uf dum ppl putin ma wurds dowen."
by SassyJax01 March 08, 2011
1) A unusually large women who gets drunk and hits on every guy in the bar hoping that by the end of the night they will be wasted enough to take her huge amazon ass home. She is usually built tall, very wide and thick skinned, thus making her look like an army tank while being skanky at the same time.

2) Or could be defined as a vehicle that "Grenades" ride in. (Ugly fat chicks usually hang out in groups and would ride together in a Skank Tank while hunting their prey by bar hoping)
Ex: 1) Holy shit look at the Skank Tank working her magic on the drunk guy at the end of the bar. If he dies from suffacation we'll know why!

Ex: 2) Pretty sure that Skank Tank SUV them fatties are driving is going to bottom out. The tires are rubbing on the fenders as they pull in to the next bar to look for drunk dudes to roll them in flour.
by SassyJax01 December 07, 2010
When 2 girls punch or slap eachother in the crotch. Then saying "Tag your it." Just like the male version called Bag Tag.
Did you just see Heidi and Megan Box Tag each other? Woof, I wouldn't touch either one of them dirty skanks, your hand might rot and fall off!
by SassyJax01 December 07, 2010
A woman's private parts that are covered in a 5 "o"clock shadow because she hasn't shaved her Muff in a couple days.
Stacy got out of the shower and I seen her shadow box! Tell her to go to the damn store and buy a razor. Her crotch is begining to look like she has Don King in a head lock between her legs.
by SassyJax01 May 24, 2011

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