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2 definitions by sarah h... (yo momma)

An exaggerated version of burn, used to enhance the ownage/ pwnage experience. Best said after a lame comeback, or during a spazzy moment.
Emily: I don't like your pants.

Chelsea: Your mom!

Sarah: (*from across the room*) BIZZURN!!
by sarah h... (yo momma) October 18, 2007
Small, booger-like pieces that form when lotion dries on the edge/ inner cap of a lotion bottle. These annoying little bits sometimes get mixed with the good lotion in the bottle, or fall into your hands.
Rakisha: Sheniqua, do you have any lotion? I believe my knees are getting a bit ashy.

Sheniqua: Why yes I do, but it seems that it has been tainted with several lotion boogers.

Rakisha: What a pitty!

by sarah h... (yo momma) October 18, 2007