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99 definitions by sara

the best bolivian rock band. they are now in a tour over america. their songs are himns to the bolivian people.
hey, did you go to the concert?
yes, i love octavia
by sara January 23, 2005
Off of a Family Guy episode meaning Fake, Poser.
"Hey your really good at playing that!" "Oh, it's not me." "YOU'RE A PHONEY!!!"
by Sara May 10, 2005
Synonym for 'cool', except less socially acceptable. Origins unknown.
I am undoubtedly the crotchest person around.
by Sara November 16, 2004
the smartest man that ever lived.

one of the only president's who made our nation hella strong, and one of the biggest manufacturing nations in the world.
bill clinton rocks your face off
by sara March 13, 2005
a term used for anything secretive
We have whatnot tonight.
by Sara February 15, 2003
sleep over when girls get together to talk and comb each others hair
this sleep over is a total freaking drag
by sara March 12, 2005
financial savior; a person or organization that rescues a business company, especially from an undesirable takeover
by Sara September 10, 2003