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3 definitions by santa kloz

a poopdick is what a guy gets after assfucking without a rubber( shit and asshair stuffed in the end of his cock)
"dude, i got a total poopdick last night"
"i boned this passed out v-card in the ass ,and got a poopdick"
"ur mom gave me a poopdick"
by santa kloz March 10, 2008
a spread to put on toast made of the oozing puss from acne
mmmmmm , i just love my zit-whiz on toast in the morning
by santa kloz March 02, 2008
a poot is a pussy toot
did that bitch just poot?
awwwww dude!! she just pooted on my dick!!!
by santa kloz March 02, 2008