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Usually someone of lesser intelligence or of a mentally impaired category. Top choices of wal-mart greeters are usually those with down syndrome, saggy balls, vaginal gericatric bat disease, or work release programs. Typically found at the entrance of walmarts, and sometimes packing a roll of different colored stickers in which they appraoch you as if to molest you and whatever item youare carrying and at the last moment... hand extened... a round sticker of random color is stuck on the item you are holding... assaulting it... and labeling it a return or previously paid for item.... running from the wal-mart greeter is usally followed by people with walkie talkies running after you....
I don't realy know of a given example of walmart greeter grab a simple roll of already opened toilet paper and walk into any walmart.... you'll see one of the above... stalking you like a jilted speed dater on a rape quest. Blind people can even sense a wal-mart greeter by the constant sniffling of runny snot... and the faint odor of cottage cheese.

The walmart greeter at our store dripped snot on a radio I was returning and stuck a rainbow of stickers on my 3 yr old. When I tried to walk to the return desk "Bubba" followed my 3 yr old who was crying and asked if she "wanta to see my pokemon pee pee?" I have a lawsuit pending.
by sanity clown October 28, 2006

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