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2 definitions by sanint

Jagex are a bunch of fat knob jockeys, that sit there all day improving there 'games'. with there rolls covering the screen probably cant even see what they are doing.

most people beleive andrew gower bumraped people so hard that they had to work there. and now Jagex has brought the world gayness 24/7
andrew gower: hey dude wanna come work at Jagex to help me make runescape a better place?

normal guy: nah im fine mate, got a good job

andrew gower: what c***? did u just get smart to me im gonna own u in the wildy with my {autobot} with my pure account {i cheated to make it, autobots etc).

yaaaaaaahhhh!!!! * andrew gower bumrapes him so hard the guy cant move*
by sanint March 04, 2007
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1.someone who adds meaningless -idiotic words, or looks up meaningless -idiotic words on urbandictionary.com alot. usually because they have nothing better to do.

bobby: in his mind thinking - im bored im gonna look up random words on urban dictionary.

dad: what the hell do u always do that for? ur got nothin better to do? your a urban dick son!
by sanint March 31, 2007
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