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a fast food chain who always screw your order up. It is a place where you can find carvers outside looking for trouble, and the best chicken nuggets ever are found here.

the staff however, only understand mcdonalds language. such as if you ask for chicken nuggets, they won't have a clue what you mean unless you say MCchicken nuggets.
some guy: she forgot the gherkings and relish in my burger AGAIN!
another guy: complain then.
some guy: mcdonalds suck.

customer: can i have a chicken sandwitch please?
stupid chinky wife serving: what?
customer: oh, sorry, a MACKchicken sandwitch.
chinky wife: okay then.
by Sangeajinn January 19, 2007
Young Men With Clogged up Assholes.
Ymca, is a gay man's song.
by Sangeajinn January 18, 2007
the warming of the earth's atmosphere thanks to CO2 emmisions. Scientist and other politics keep bitching about it so much, that they fail to notice that when they talk, they emmit even more CO2.
Stop bitching about global warming, you only make it worse.
by sangeajinn January 23, 2007

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