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1 definition by sanakan

The Guy On The Out Side Who Always Go's RaWr. That Right RaWr - Not RawR - RaWr. He Also Suffers Emotionaly - Lmao X] And Always Managers To Screw Things Up.
SammyJim Is King!
Also Pretends He's A Cat Because He Is!
SammyJim: RaWr

Person 3: Oh Hya SammyJim

SammyJim: RaWr

Person 3: Ok We Get It

SammyJim: Meow?

Person 3: Wait What Happened To Person 1 & 2?

*SammyJim Smiles*

Person 3: Did You Eat Them?!

*SammyJim Rolls Over On His Back And Gives Cat Eyes*

SammyJim: Mawwww
by sanakan October 16, 2009
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