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pretty self-explanatory which might arouse the question why?. I don't know why. Why do people feel the need to define "omfg" for example?...but for those who may not know, saggy boobs commonly referred to as saggies, are typically female breast which hang 6 inches inferior to the top set of abdominals. Not necessarily a bad thing unless one has 40+ years of age under their belt (NOTE: there are always exceptions.).
Young Chap: While once observing a porno featuring Beyonce, I noticed that the beautiful young lady had what appeared to be saggy boobs. But I did my research and reluctantly found that she was 3/4 of an inch away from the designated marker.
by samsonite joe May 07, 2007
(verb): The process in which one's scrotum becomes compressed and settles quite near the man's penis (hence the name 'cockballing') due to exposure of one's testes to cold weather, water--preferibly salt water--, and even ice.
"I knew that I would soon be cockballing if spent too much time swimming with the cute sailors." uhhhhhh

"Daily cockballing has become quite the hobby among most male snowboarders and skiiers."
by samsonite joe May 07, 2007
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