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1. The best basketball team in the league right now. Their type of basketball is usually played in a rough and tough style with a pounding offense and a powerful defense. They play as a team and thats why they win games.
Person #1: Who's the best team in the league right now?
Person #2: The Detroit Pistons are because they play as a team and have an incredible defense.
by Sameer January 14, 2006
Used as a nicer/cleaner way of saying Fuck off.
Man#1:can I borrow your math answers?
Man#2:Lick me u whore.
by Sameer April 24, 2005
term meaning God in Hindi (the language of India)
Bhagwan refers to one, almighty God.
by sameer December 04, 2004
desi word for prostitute
nitin ghasti hai
by sameer September 09, 2003
desi word for prostitute
by sameer September 09, 2003
A girl who looks more then her age.

A friendly mature women. Who is attracted to young men.

A mature women offering sexy looks to young men.

A Indian-Sub Continent equivalent of MILF.
I meet an Aunty while shoping in the market. Her looks was so temping.

I wish i could sleep with this Aunty.

Do you have the contacts of this Aunty who was shoping here last night.
by Sameer July 08, 2004
woh bewda hai
by sameer August 17, 2003

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