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a muzza is a person who weres fresh dada and fubu gear and the latest of all von dutch who thinks they are soo hot that they can get anything in the world they want with 1 phone call such as all there bro's to fight one poor little kid who opened his mouth at the wrong time.

They are also into shit music like techno house shit and listen to 10 minute songs even tho it repeats its self 100 times, then they will look at their freind and say something like "omg uleh this music is fully sick bro, lets go northies now, hang out infront of the cinema in the games section bro" but before they meet there connections there they must make sure that they straighten their mullet and add some colouring to it just to make sure that all the chicks notice how fucken stupid they look,and shit like that, they talk so much shit that they are actually not realising how shit their life is because they are too busy on the phone to their connections n shti like that
a definate example is anna the fully sick mad dog bitch.
for those of you who know her , she is a mad dog bitch.
for all of you who know her, next time you see her, just say EY MUZZA and she will turn around immediately, coz she's fucken KOUTA

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