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1 definition by sam.c.6784352

this girl is a backstabber. she thinks of herself a lot and little of others. she has a big mouth she also acts like a whore and is the biggest bitch youll ever meet.she is called a slut by others a lot and thinks she is the best and better then everyone else. she gets jealous of anastacias A LOT. she cant help but notice that anastacias and mikylies are more popular then her and better looking and that every guy wants them more then her. she always clingy to anastacias and is scared of losing her friends and popularity. she acts dumb and is very self centered. she tries to be like other people and look for their flaws. shes spoiled and brags about it to much. she will never be loved by ANY guy.
guy1: eww its a sofiya!
guy2: omg i heard sofiyas have man-jinas!
guy1: yea sofiyas are nasty.
by sam.c.6784352 March 30, 2011