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5 definitions by sam r i

another word for butt mud, or diarriha, either way, it is sick as hell
dude, i ate at that mexican place a week ago, jesus i still have the screaming shits
by sam r i April 12, 2005
51 10
it is the shit of a black person, usually takes 9 months to take a nigapoo
screeming black lady: holy fuck it is huge!
doctor: your doing fine keep pushing
screaming black lady: is it out yet!?
doctor: no not yet that is one massive nigapoo
by sam r i April 03, 2005
61 22
jumping a fence in the style of a mexican crossing the boarder. climbing the fence, hearing the boarder patrol, getting scared, then falling, not climbing down, after hitting the ground, the mexican then raises to its feet, then runs.
juan:damnito jose, climb mas rapido (damnit joe climb much faster)
jose:cayate punto(shut up fag)
officer jim:FREEZE BEANER!
juan:mierda, jumpo! jumpo jose(shit jump! jump joe!)
jose:mierda, yo fallo en mi espalda(shit i fell on my back)
by sam r i April 03, 2005
32 22
created in 2004, it signifies power to all the races. but it has no wieght in promoting racisim.
man that was just full of all sorts of powa.
by sam r i April 02, 2005
10 14
the true meaning of a swastika, is it is just a cross doing a cart-wheel
priest: fuck you jew!(holds up a picture of a swastika)
jew: hey fuck you guy!
priest: hey hey hey,a swastika is just a cross doing a cart-wheel
by sam r i April 02, 2005
43 115