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a penis that is so hairy that the hair even grows upwards on the shaft of the penis

related to the fact that in the movie version of Lord Of The Rings, the hobbits had thick body hair on top of their feet and on top of their hands
"so i was gonna go south of the border, but no no no!
he had some MAJOR hobbit cock action going on!
as soon as he does some serious manscaping then we'll be good to go!"
by sam madsen June 11, 2007
a contracted/slang way of saying "ooh, the face"
related to fugly
meaning that the person would be incredibly good-looking, except for their face

can also be used as a noun
(used as contraction)
"oh yeah, he has a real nice body...
but oodaface (ooh, the face)!!!"

(used as noun)
"she was a goddess; he was an oodaface!"
by sam madsen November 26, 2007

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