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PBD, otherwise known as post beat-off depression is the state of mind that males will pass into after masturbating. The male may wonder why he did such a thing, think it was gross, and then cancel that 800mb porn download that had been going all day. This is commonly followed by DAR.
"fap fap fap ughhhhhhh"
"ewww that was gross...."
"I'm gonna take a nap to get rid of this PBD."
by sam hi February 19, 2008
DAR, known as Day-After Regret is a follow-up to PBD. It occurs the day after a hardcore beat session when you realize that you should have kept downloading that porn and not deleted those pics. Now you will never find them again.
"Why the fuck did I cancel that download, it was so hot."
"Well I can find something else to get rid of this DAR."
by sam hi February 19, 2008

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