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Epitomised in the early 21st century, the state of being, derived from LAD. In australia nameley, Perth private boys schools. Ladsy Qualities personofied and loyaly upheld by the noble lad chapter of Scotch College, Perth Australia:
Indisciminate Beer Buying for your fellow brethren

Constant Use of Ladsy Vocabulary,
nameley: "Traaauuuu" "Dardi" "Devvo" "Maggot" And perhaps most prolifically used, cries of "LADSYYYY".

Various ladsy activites include: Getting "Maggot" Being Ladsy, Spoting "Dardi ladies" Funeling fullstrength Lagers Only Consuming Aussie, Sub-$30 Brews.
"Oi, Macca, Your like, fucken ladsy ayyy"

"Oi, that dardi chicks party was fucken LADSYYY"
"yeah i funnelled like 30 coldies, i was fuken MAGGOT"
"Yeah but my hangover mad me devvo ayyyy"
by sam and macca August 10, 2006

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