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Becoming sleepy and needing bedtime visibly, especially when talking about events that might occur past your bedtime.

From Cinderella's "turning into a pumpkin" at a certain hour, here we have events that certain people generally don't get to because it'll interfere with their bedtime.
We tried getting reservations to <snazzy restaurant>, but they only had a slot at 10pm, which we gave up because Autumn starts pumpkinizing around then.
by salreadybeingusedbysomeoneelse April 07, 2009
A derisive term for a hilarious joke that got posted to discussion boards or email lists too many times, by people that apparently post jokes themselves but never actually read anybody else's posts.

Originated from a large company's humor email list where approximately seven people posted, in a single day, Google Map's directions from NYC to Paris, which states that Step 23 is to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.
you: Dude, check out this link to a crazy dramatic chipmunk!
me: Yea, and be sure to check out step 23, it's hilarious.
me: And it's a hamster, nimrod.
by salreadybeingusedbysomeoneelse December 08, 2008

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