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i live in short hills and i love it. first of all, it may be rich and some people are bitchy but not everyone. millburn is not the ghetto. shorthills is actually part of millburn it just has a different zip code. hence the name "millburn-short hills township". see?-millburn comes first. anway, for 7th and 8th graders bar/bat mitzvahs occur atleast twice every weekend for like a year.girls trty too dress 15 years older then they really are. shopping is considered a sport. the houses are gorgeous and rachel zoe grew up in short hills while ann hathaway grew up in millburn. our town is not "the ass crack of america" we are just brought up well and with big trust funds. halloween is the excuse for girls to dress sluttier then usual.
short hills-7th/8thgraders
person1: wanna do soething this weeekend?
person2: cant ..bat mitzvah
by sally sasperila October 14, 2007

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