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3 definitions by salalee the girl

totally hot. Used by the ska kids and british gangstas.
"Now, the girl is rude. I know she's rude but she's screwed right through you. you'll be on your knees soon."-The Streets
by salalee the girl July 20, 2004
The greatest label of all time, based on Omaha bands and one from L.A. I love em like... well, like Jenny Lewis and Tim Kasher love each other.maybe.
"...Then We'll go to Omaha to exploit the booming music scene"-Rilo Keily, in refrence to Saddle Creek
by salalee the girl October 19, 2003
The greatest character on homestarrunner.com, because he likes thursday and The Cure. and That's pretty cool, you know?
see also:emo
"I really like your coustume, Strong Sad, but um.. you weren't invited this year."-M4RRZIPPANNN(Marzipan)
by salalee the girl October 19, 2003