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A school that is based on diversity that ends up being 95% multi millionaires and even billionaires and than 5% different poor ethnicity groups that end up feeling way out of place because there parents drive old mini vans and old hondas instead of range rovers, Mercedes, and BMW. 1/2 the kids are jewish even though it s a quaker school. AND then there is meeting for worship when everyone sits in silence for 45 min every single week. oooo and did i forget to mention that every girl is a copy of the next wearing lactose, ralph lauren, j crew, lesters, or some over priced dress from bloomingdales. This is what most people call living the good life i call it prison!!
Why is the world do i go to friends academy?? ooo yeah its for a good education.
by saicgcreabhebr September 08, 2008

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