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21 definitions by sage

A person obtaining qulities that involve having good looks.
He's to young, but he's going to be a notch when he gets older.
by Sage June 02, 2003
(n.) - This word means nothing.
"Merger" means nothing.
by Sage May 08, 2004
A penis so little, girls think it's "cute" in a strange, unknown way. Like how a girl thinks how small dogs are cute.
"Wow, my boyfriend has a Tamim!"

"I can't see your Tamim."
by Sage August 20, 2003
An exceedingly long penis.
Charlie impaled Mary Ann with his 12-inch womb broom.
by sage January 18, 2003
Used in the same sense as the expression "get yourself together." Often heard with an expletive.
"Cowboy the f*** up!"
by Sage November 16, 2004
State that gives homage to five types of people:

1) Preppy, blonde, cell-phone clad seventeen year old girls.
2) Rejected goths and skater punks/dudes
3) Corrupt Politicians
4) Celebrities
5) Soccer Moms
1: Oh, how do you like my new leather coat?

Oh, girl, it's so the rage this season. Like, oh my god!

2: Dude, you wanna go crash the mall?
by Sage December 22, 2003
A common mispelling of the word favorite by faggots such as snapbean2005
snapbean2005 : its colour too fagers
snapbean2005 : like favourite
by Sage March 16, 2005