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2 definitions by sad reality man

Ladywhore: 1. A female, usually from a mid to high income background, who has sexual relations with a man in very short order (first or second "date") and thinks she is not a whore. 2. A woman who thinks that just because her sexual partner is a doctor, or a lawyer it is acceptable to have sex on the first or second date.
Dude1: that chick is a ladywhore!
Dude2: why?
Dude1: because she went out with that neurosurgeon and screwed him in like two days. She said he treated her nice.
Dude2 no shit.. it’s because he got into her pants is short order, she is such a ladywhore.
by Sad Reality man June 20, 2009
30 2
1. The act of pretending to work while at work. 2. Any and all actions conducted at work to get out of actually working.
Dude 1: Quit surfing porn at work and finish the spreadsheets!

Dude 2: I'm not!

Dude 1: You have been workingoff for the past two weeks!
by sad reality man August 03, 2009
23 5