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Another word for a type of stoner kid thats gross and mangy looking scavenges for drugs such as pot, meth, and crack(hints the name hyena since they scavenge)they tend to have greasy hair, scrawny, wear shitty cloths, and smell like rancide flesh
that ryan kid over there is such a hyena he gives blowjobs for meth
by sacz69 January 29, 2008
A type of neanderthal fighter, another word for a hispanic neanderthal fighter, word derived from a youtube video where a martial artist fights a hispanic neanderthal fighter, the hispanic usally wears typical attire such as parachute pants, blanket shirts, nikkie cortez, and little backpacks that have hispanic countries on them with a little kid holding a flag

jon- look at those frankies at tacobell
by sacz69 January 29, 2008
a chick who has a ass that looks like an apple, very unattrative ass, ass is big round and gross
that chick on jurassic park has an apple ass
by sacz69 January 25, 2008
big nose people,sterotyped to be greedy, have big noses,jew fros, and usally can't get laid, most of these sterotypes tend to be true however ecept howard stern (he is the man)usally douches and get good shows cancled, not always true however but most the time also been enslaved by almost every race at some time and have been screwed over alot, ussally lawyers and like to sue people
dude stop being a jew and let me borrow a dollar
by sacz69 January 11, 2008
one who is a pussy, cowardly, very nervious
that justin kid is wuss
by sacz69 January 28, 2008
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