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Something You Say To A Person After They Are -
1. Proven Wrong
2. Embarassed or Humiliated
3. Hurt Doing Somthing Stupid
If You Can't Get A Date For Sat You Got Stoiched..........Bad!
by Sabe 1 June 08, 2005
Sexual maneuver....Variation of Doggie Style....The Man Stand over the women instead of on his knees
Some Time i Get Bored Going Doggie Style So I Break Out The Skybone...
by Sabe 1 April 14, 2005
Too Much Metal..Rock Out With Yuor Cock Out!
Alright Got To Go But \m/ (>,<) \m/ Til Then
by Sabe 1 March 09, 2005
A person you is annoying or acting stupid
There's Ted being quashalo again
by Sabe 1 March 11, 2005
Someone Who Is Proud To Rock A Mullet And Even Tease It Out...
Steve Loves To Be A Mulley He Works On That Hair For Hours
by Sabe 1 March 17, 2005
From the root word QUASHALO-Something that is dumb or annoying to people
That movie (Vannila Sky) was QUASH I don't know how anyone could wacth it.
by Sabe 1 March 10, 2005
The Process Of Taking A Shit
BTBDOC>>>Back to Back Dueces On Campus
Tandem Shitting
by Sabe 1 March 09, 2005
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