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It is like the town of atherton in the hills. houses cost anywhere from 4 million to 20 million....its only for rich snobs...mulimillionaires and billionaires live in the area. houses off of cervantes are priced the highest.
people who live in PV have more than one vacation home and their kids own nicer cars than most adults. it is like a low key version of atherton...
PTA parents are everywhere and not only girls but boys wear designer jeans.
PV is for rich snobs who think they arebetter than the rest of the world just because they have more money than the rest of the world
also ex hippies live up on windy hill and claim to be green by everyone driving lexus hybrids.
My girlfriend from the Portola Valley, down in da bay, she got like 5 cars and they cost mo den mah house/.
by sHaReEkA EnTiS May 20, 2007

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