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Scene is by far the most used and abused of all labels.

I say that because... scene kids exploit that they're scene. And non-scene kids usually exploit the fact the the scene kids are "scene" (sarcastically) as well.

To me all social labels are bullshit. But they're used all the time. Even by me. So scene generally goes like this.

-Into the local xcore music of your area. (Any kind of xcore music... hardxcore, metalxcore, grindxcore, etc)

-Into a certain fashion; band tees are a large part, especially if the band tees are for the local kids. Since the scene revolves around the MUSIC, that's incorperated into most of the other aspects of things. Other parts of the fashion; sparkly stuff, skulls on things, pearls, ribbons, tight jeans, bright (but usually well matched) colors- it's kind of usually an interesting mix of preppy fashion and... shall we say emo/hardxcore fashion? I like to watch it. It's terribly fun. Especially watching the kids who fail at it miserably. Those people are usually fakes though...

-Hair. Okay okay. The hair... can occasionally be rediculous. Colors, I rly don't mind. Interesting hair colors are awesome. But when the color is very badly done... go get it done professionally? And if you did get it done by a pro and it STILL sucks... you need to change your shop buddy! Hair usually means like I said the colors(blackblackblack. blonde streaks, red streaks, and purple seem to be common too. Which I'm totally getting purple so stfu!), it means a looong side fringe (bangs, which for all you haters... how many of you went and got side bangs this summer or last summer or whatever? They rly flatter the face. Scene or no scene. Side bangs look good!), it means usually spiked hair but only in the back (this, I rly don't get. When it's done well it looks rly kind of neat, but when it sucks, it's like your half-porcupine... o_o), it means longish hair for the guys (hothothothot. periodtheend.), and it means shorter or shoulder length hair for the girl (but sure it can be long.), and the girl like to wear ribbons or cute headbands in their hair. That, personally, I think is adorable :D

-Bandannas bandannas bandannas. I l-o-v-e bandannas. You can use them for all kinds of stuff- usually worn around the neck (or covering the mouth which cracks me up admittedly) but I love to wear them as belts, around my wrist, as headbands, around my leg, anywhere. I tie them onto my purses. (I have always had a facination with bandannas...)

-Ok so usually these kids like dinsaurs or robots or whatever. Some even go so far as to say dinobot. I rly DON'T get this part. I'm starting to think it's just another fad &&even the scene kids will be over it after a while. But also, a lot of posers use it to get 'into the scene.' Those are the people you should hate on- they don't even like the music or support it. They're just doing it to go with their own personal definition of cool. It's annoying. ><

-MySpace. SCENE KIDS LOVE MYSPACE. Hell. I love MySpace. It's fun. You can keep track of your local bands on their BandSpaces, you can chat with buddies and fellow music lovers. Smart kids, however, don't give away personal info. Wink wink.

-Straightxedge. Straightxedge is when you refuse to drink or do drugs. Smoking doesn't seem to fit into that category most of the time though... for some people it probably does.

-Vegan/vegetarian. This isn't AS common. Be a cold day in a hot place when I go veg. But usually it's to advocate animal rights- a very noble cause. Some people just do it to lose weight. Good idea....! Though to be scene you don't actually HAVE to be superduperskinny. I'm not. I'm about normal.

-Hardxcore dancing/moshing. It's FUN. It's hilarious. It's another way to show support to the bands. &&Its flipping hard to do! Bet the haters can't do it. Ha, half the scene kids &&all the posers can't do it... lmfao. I can't do it. XD

&&There's probably plenty more to the scene. But these are the... surface elements of it. There's a lot of bullshit going on about the scene too. Here's some of that.

-All scene/emo/hardxcore kids hate their parents. BULLSHIT. Lots of them have to use their parents for money or rides to the shows. And I hella love my parents. (I am generally considered scene. Why, I honestly don't know. Well nevermind, I love the music around here. That's probably the only reason, lmfao.) But yeah we don't all hate our parents. Some do, that's a given. But they'd probably hate their parents whether they were scene or not.

-Scene kids are arrogant. No, kiddies. If you're scene you're not automatically arrogant. It's the same as with parents- people who are arrogant would be arrogant anyway. Some rly awful people just act arrogant. (Cough. Posers. Cough.) Others rly have been screwed over in life and are either truly arrogant... or they're just trying to block people.

-Scene boys are gay cause of the girl pants/black eyeliner/eye makeup. Psssht. They do it cause they want to. Some might BE gay. Who GIVES a shit? Gay/straight/bi, I certainly don't care. All I care about it that I'm straight. Woo hoo for me. >_>

-Scene kids are hypocrites cause they say they're trying to be original when they're just following the other scene kids. Nonono. Those kids are the POSER scene kids. They're trying too hard and it shows, am I right? Plus, if they're just doing what everyone else does... where do you suppose all this stuff theyre copying CAME FROM?! Exactly. The real deal. So yep.

-Scene kids are always emo too. EMO is such an abused label. I mean go click that link and see all the bullshit that pops up, I dare you. Emo is simply short for emotional- and EVERY girl knows what that's like. Even guys probably know what it's like (they just don't go around TELLING everybody!), and so everyone is emotional at some point or other. Kids who TRY to be emo are again, simply wannabes. Emo/screamo music however does have its place in the scene. It's just another form of music. Get over it.

Personally, I think that all this controversy about the scene is totally worthless, pointless, biased, and ignorant. I mean rly. Just let it BE. Who CARES if you're scene? Who CARES if you hate scene kids? People who are always saying how scene they are either are posers &&need to get over it or they're being sarcastic. People who don't stop hating on the scene kids are hateful and annoying and maybe they should look at all the bullshit of their own social group?

Live and let live. Cause I promise, if you hate then they're not going to drop dead just for you. &&If you hate the haters you're only giving them the attention they want. Hell I'm doing that now... I'll shut up.. =X
"I hate scene kids."

"I hate the people who hate scene kids,"

"Nobody cares......"
by s.o.s.Danger March 29, 2006

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