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Experimental Black Metal/Death Metal/Grind band that resides in south eastern Michigan.

Yorkshire Manor is one of the first originating bands that created "e-grind or cyber grind"

The current line-up consist of one person.
Anthony McBain in which he does everything. (Vocals/Acoustic/ Guitar/Programming/Keys/Synth)

Lyrical themes pertaining to:
Anime, Video Games, Ninjas, Robotics, Anti-pirates.

Demo (5 tracks, 2003)
Yorkshire Manor (40 tracks)
EP (6 tracks)
Split with: Wcwbt- You Bitches Couldn't Even Be Who We Was...Full-length, 2006
Not really a split album in the traditional sense.
Both artist's (Wcwbt and Yorkshire Manor) collaborated on
each track writing and producing them together.
School girl #1: "I slept with Yorkshire Manor and now i have a tingling sensation in my private area."

School girl #2: "Do you think it's an std?"

School girl #1: "No, I think its magic. Now I can turn invisible, and climb trees well."

School girl #2: "I remember The first time I listened to Yorkshire Manor, I was driving then I orgasmed and caused flooding to The Great Lakes. Then I got out of the car and walked on water."
by s a k u r a January 19, 2009

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