1 definition by rypring

1- Take a tumbler and pint sized glass from the shelf

2- Go to the refrigerator and fill the pint glass with ice

3- Add 2 parts whiskey, 1 part peach schnapps and 1 part amaretto to the pint glass

4- Cover the top of the pint glass with the tumbler and then shake gingerly for a few seconds

5- Strain the contents into the tumbler glass (you can put some ice in the tumbler glass as well if you prefer)

6- Drink and repeat
Tom: "Hey I heard Fred had one too many God's Rods last night"

Jerry: "Yeah he suddenly started blaming poverty, world hunger, and The Inquisition on the Blacks, Jews, and Homosexuals"

Tom: "Wow, he really thought he was God's Rod"

Jerry: "YEP"
by rypring April 23, 2010

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