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to joke or wreak havoc. exactly similar to "pullin my leg" but with a twist.
phil: "hey you know that this coupon is expired."

rupert: "seriously? you pulling my dick?"
by ryan mcgaw June 26, 2006
a man or person who does stupid or silly actions. derived from the slang "nukka" which is a less pertinent way of saying "negro" exactly like "knucklehead" but with a twist.
da-wayne: "i got into an elevator downtown and got stuck with a bunch of fat hippy chicks for 4 hours till the fire department came."

jebediah: "thats crazy you a straight-up nukkahead"
by ryan mcgaw June 26, 2006
originally a cross section bar in a bridge, but the word fits so well when describing a gay bar. named for the type of intercourse that homosexual men have together.
bruce: "tonight i'll take you to a real good butt joint"

chester: "oh really! great. i'd love to go to the Ass Bandit"
by ryan mcgaw June 26, 2006
to have a nice rack or set of breastices. "mONSTER Tits" switched around. just like tig bitties or nig bipples
jacob:"we gonna hit up the club tonight?"

leonard: "hellz yeah, nukka there's gonna be some tonster mits there!"
by ryan mcgaw June 27, 2006

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