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20 definitions by ryan ingersol

cheaply constructed polyester/lycra pants easily distinguished by lack of back pockets. asspants are typically tight around the posterior and thigh areas, with a tacky 'flare' from the knee down. despite being available in an array of colors, the most commonly adorned pairs are black, followed by white. asspants are typically worn by clueless women with low self-esteem who attend clubs and bars in search of horny men. woo-girls are typically the greatest offenders.
"the club was filled with chads and slutty trollop woo-girls wearing their abominable ass pants."
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
a person who's primary mode of locomotion is a wheelchair. crippled person.
i go-tards should be forced to ride on the bike rack on the front of the bus so the other passengers are less inconvienenced.
by ryan ingersol March 06, 2005
a large, log-like piece of feces. axe handle however, unlike log, is reserved for only the largest defecatory specimens.
"i shat an axe handle last night and after i stood up i noticed it started in the hole and rose all the way above the toilet seat. i took a polaroid too, look."
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
the entirety of a female human's vulva.
"i'd like to kick her in the tomahawk wound.'
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
the degree to which a person, place, thing, or action is radical.
"that band rocked my ass off with their supreme radicality"
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
anyone who's facial features take up a disproportionately large amount of their skull.
dude, your girlfriend has total monster-face. she looks like the singer from bane.
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
particularly loose human feces that burns the rectum and anus during defecation.
"don't eat the hot sauce. last time i made that mistake and it gave me the flaming d"
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005