1 definition by rusty o

Derived from the word Anteater (an uncircumcised penis). A Maneater is a penis with so much foreskin that it can be folded around the head of another mans penis giving the appearance of one penis eating the other. Experimenting with the Maneater led to the invention of Shanoodling which is the act of jerking off two dicks at the same time whilst the Maneater keeps the two penis' connected with it's abundance of foreskin.
Rusty: Did you hear that Sam is getting circumcised?
Omar: But he is 22 years old!
Rusty: Yeah apparently when girls see his Maneater dangling pathetically in between his legs they laugh at him and he wets himself.
Omar: Sam is awful at videogames, too!
by rusty o May 29, 2008

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