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The product of an ageing man's relationship with a taiwanese pre-teen prostitute. The resulting lovechild, named dave after the ageing man's favourite previous sexual offence, was always destined to look like an oriental/white cross pollenation and wear thick rimmed glasses with lenses half the size of his eyes and be as boring as a day out at the house of commons. He has also taken on his father's love for under age girls of far eastern origin.
Who's going on the trip? taiwanese dave? there's no chance I'm going then. I'd rather sit at home and play with my chopsticks
by Rubber Sheath September 19, 2006
A medical procedure in which the rectum is flushed out using Briggsy's acne pus and semen.
Little did he know, he was in for a colonic briggsygation...
by Rubber Sheath September 18, 2006
Briggsy's ugly rotting cock is so full of holes that when he pisses he needs to lean over the bath but then still manages to flood the bathroom. It is said that it does come in useful when he holds his weekly golden shower parties.
I went to Homebase, but they didn't have any of the normal ones left, so I had to get a Briggsy Sprinkler System!
by Rubber Sheath September 18, 2006
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