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Driving Under the Influence, pronounced dewey, refers to a person being arrested for driving after consuming alcohol. Generally people with DUIs are not drunk but just over the arbitrary limit of .08 and unlucky enough to get pulled over by a cop. If you get a DUI expect to pay a ton of fines, have your constitutional rights violated, and be treated like a criminal.

DUIs are great ways for cops to meet there quotas and politicians love them too because they bring in a ton of revenue for the state. These laws do little to actually make the public safer.
-hey bob, how was your weekend?

-It sucked, I got a dui. the fuckin pigs pulled me over for a broken tail light. I blew a .10 because I had four beers and now they're taking away my license for 7 months and fining me $5,000. Next time, I going to drink 20 beers because my lawyer says the penalties are the same if I do, I think I should at least get my money's worth.
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by ru 2010 March 03, 2011
to chain smoke during your lunch break instead of eating usually because you have no money for food. Since smoking suppresses your appetite, you will not go hungry. A smoker's lunch may sometimes be accompanied with a cup of coffee.
-hey bob, what did you eat for lunch today?

-nothing, I had a smoker's lunch. i dont have any money left, just cigarettes.
#smoking #lunch break #smokers lunch #cigarettes #meal
by ru 2010 March 03, 2011
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