13 definitions by rtj loco

Derived from early doors, this means early
It's gonna be busy at the club, we should get there early barnes.
by rtj loco September 25, 2003
Used to descibe an Ass/butt/bum in a sexual context. Named as you should only be sticking it in there if it's an accident or emergency
Herman Dogg: RTJ, did you screw that chick last night?

RTJ Loco: She was on her period so i had to take her up the A & E.
by rtj loco December 21, 2003
A multi purpose verb meaning 'to have a go ' or 'take a turn on'. derived from use of cocaine.
I would'nt mind a toot on that chick.

Shall we have a quick toot on a whisky.
by rtj loco December 19, 2003
Another word for Women.
Hermanator, Lets look for some chicken.
by rtj loco January 02, 2004
Another name for Herman 'whole Hogg' DoGG who forms 50 percent of the band The lickadickadays.
RTJ: You guys ready for the hermanator?
by rtj loco January 02, 2004
Another word for premature ejaculation.
Hello doctor, I seem to have a touch of the early doors.
by rtj loco December 19, 2003
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