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South Korean boy band consisting of 5 members ; DBSK stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki, meaning "Rising Gods of the East"
Other names are TVXQ, DBSG, and Tohoshinki
members of dbsk;;
+ HERO jaejoong (main vocalist, oldest of group)
+ U-KNOW yunho (bass baritone, leader of dbsk, lead dancer)
+ XIAH junsu (tenor)
+ MICKY yoochun (bass baritone)
+ MAX changmin (tenor)

DBSK was formed in 2003 under SM Entertainment, and made their debut in 2004 with the song "Hug".
They are among one of the most popular bands in all of Asia. They can speak Korean and Japanese fluently, as well as a bit of English and Chinese.

Their music is mainly J-Pop / K-Pop / A`cappella .

DBSK has the largest fanbase in the world, Cassiopeia, with over 600,000 official members.
dbsk owns super junior & epik high (:
by rt(: May 20, 2008

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