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The act of a ghost masturbating.
Jasper the lonely ghost's favorite pastime is to ghostrobate to the neighbors dog.
by rotfl August 12, 2008
A man who has yet to grow up. Wants to date and treat you like a queen, make you his wife and then turn his back on you. Sits around all day and plays on his phone or computer while his wife is tending to children or cleaning the house. Used to look nice and care about his appearance, but once he gets married, he lets himself go, goes bald and gets fat. He even tries to make his wife shave his back!
Too aggressive in bed and has a pencil dick!
OMG, I went home with this guy the other night and his dick was SO JESSE!

That guy on the beach over there in the Speedos with all the back hair is SUCH A JESSE!
by ROTFL January 21, 2014

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