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the act of showing class; being well behaved.
usually a term associated with parties and consuming alcohol/drugs. Teenagers often lack this ability.
These are things a person can do when "keepin' it classy"
1. Wear appropriate clothing
2. Not stumble around like a fool after consuming alcohol
3. Not hook up with random people because one consumed too much alcohol
4. not drink to the point where you

a)throw up

b)pass out

c)die (or a little less intense, get your stomach pumped)
Party Goer: Hey, do you see that girl over there hooking up with that guy?

Party Goer's friend: Yeah, what about her?

Party Goer: That's the fifth guy she's hooked up with tonight!

Party Goer's friend: Jeeze, whatever happened to keepin' it classy?
by ronald x man January 11, 2012

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