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A school in Fall River, ma that half the students hate and the other half likes. The teachers are always assholes especially the higher ups. They have pointless rules and run the school like its soviet russia. Youll get a detention for not having an id and get screamed at for taking a soda from the lunch room. If your siblings are planning on attending, they should really reconsider. They switch your weeks for no reason, and if you want to get switched back they ignore you. Also there sports are awful. Durfee is better.
John - I got supended for laughing. And then i got screamed at for drinking water at lunch without a tray.

Dan- wtf where do you go to school?

Bob- He goes to hell (diman)

Dan- haha sucks for you I cn have fun at durfee!
by ron grosonokijd September 06, 2011

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