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(n) A person or object which moves slowly.
I'm late for work because I got behind some Tortise Von Snails on the highway.
by Ron Palmer March 25, 2005
a large, disorderly fight, similar to old-style gang fights of the mid-19th century.

If we don't get this crowd under control, we'll have a good old fashioned wabash on our hands.
by Ron Palmer June 19, 2008
(noun) In basketball, a free throw.

This is a derivitive of the word "Frito" which is often used to say "Free throw."
We're only up three points. We've got to make our cheetos.
by Ron Palmer March 24, 2005
(proper noun) The University of Iowa (Iowa City).

More accurately, The University of Freakin' Iowa.

This stems from Iowa men's basketball coach Steve Alford saying "You're from Freakin' Iowa" when stunned that a local reporter would ask him if he's interested in the Indiana basketball job.
My grades are so bad, I couldn't even get into UFI.
by Ron Palmer March 26, 2005

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