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(noun) To be freaking awesome, sexy, and have a rather large dick.
(adj) To add emphasis on the awesomeness and sexiness of someone or something.
(Prop. Noun) If someone is named Silas, you are not worthy. You should be bowing down to his awesomeness and epicness. <The person endowed with this name is near Godly>

CAUTION: This word should not be taken lightly to describe or call someone unless they are of EXTREME awesomeness and sexiness.
(noun) "Woah... that guy over there looks like he might be a silas." (Referring to an extremely sexy and awesome personage).

(adj) "He's such a silas kinda guy." (Again, referring to an extremely sexy and awesome personage).

(Prop. Noun) "My name's Silas." (Everyone suddenly falls to the ground, as they are not worthy.)
by rollinblunts January 14, 2010

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