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(noun) The side of a body where a gigantic purse or messenger bag is carried, and an awkward barrier preventing others from walking comfortably alongside is often created.
I would hold your hand, baby, but I don't want to get on your bagside.
by Rollie Hatch August 29, 2008
The boss of your boss.
It was annoying to have to submit a TPS report to my boss and my grandboss. It's enough to make a dude blazy.
by Rollie Hatch September 20, 2006
(adj.) a disgruntled worker who always talks about burning down/blowing up his or her place of employment, but never actually does.
Right before Melvin got fired, he was the blaziest dude in the company.
by Rollie Hatch January 27, 2005
(n) A vehicle that is missing one of its side-view mirrors, reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh's severed ear.
Some fucker sideswiped me and now I'm driving around in a Van Gogh-Kart.
by Rollie Hatch July 02, 2009
(noun) - A Facebook user's subdomain.
Dude 1: Dude, what faceslash did you grab?
Dude 2: I got facebook.com/faceslash!
Dude 1: META!
Dude 2: METAFACE!!
by Rollie Hatch June 24, 2009
A situation that really stinks.

Unfartunately: adverb
Unfartunately, I got caught behind a garbage truck on the way to work this morning.
by Rollie Hatch September 20, 2006
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