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1. Roland (Frankish: Hruodland, Italian: Orlando) is a character in medieval and Renaissance literature, the chief paladin of Charlemagne and a central figure in the Matter of France. It is thought the title character of the 12th century Song of Roland, which recounts his final stand against the Muslims during the Battle of Roncevaux Pass, is based on a real person who died in that battle (under different circumstances), but the authors of most later chansons de geste and the Renaissance epics Orlando innamorato and Orlando furioso made little attempt to establish historical accuracy.
2. From the The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language. Roland{1}. A masculine given name. Roland{2}. n. A lengendary paladin and nephew of Charlemange killed in the battle against the Saracens at Roncesvalles.
3. An individual of high intellect, fun loving and irresistible to women.
1. There exists only one historical mention of a French Roland, found in the section of Vita Karoli Magni on Roncevaux Pass, written by Charlemagne's courtier and biographer Einhard.
2. Gawd girl! That guy is such a Roland
#roland #renaissance #paladin #charlemagne #masculine #he-man #muslim
by Roland819 November 29, 2006
"1. The Wilhelm Scream is one of a series of short painful screams performed by an actor that were recorded in 1951 for the Warner Brother's film ""Distant Drums."" They were used for a scene where a man is bitten and dragged underwater by an alligator. The recording was archived into the studio's sound effects library -- and it was used in many of their films since. ""Star Wars"" Sound Designer Ben Burtt tracked down the scream recording - which he named ""Wilhelm"" from a character who let out the same scream in ""Charge at Feather River (1953)."" Ben has adopted the scream as sort of a personal sound signature, and has worked it into as many films as he can as well as other sound designers, ~150 movies and counting.
2. The sound made by a (newbie) to anal sex. 3. The sound heard in one's head when things have gone terribly bad."
1. Dude! Did you hear that zombie let out a Wilhelm scream when it got it's leg cut off. 2. Roberto let out a Wilhelm Scream as he got introduced to the joy of prison sex by his new jail cellmate Bubba. 3. Gawd! I think I am having a heart attack. I should never have back packed alone and more than 5 miles into the woods {Wilhelm Scream}.
#wilhelm scream #painful #scream #sound effect #newbie #anal #sex #mental anguish
by Roland819 December 05, 2006
Used in place of the word "himself" by non-educated, moronic, toothless wonders from the "hills" or the "hood". Usually heard in overabundance at NASCAR events.
Yup! He nearly pissed hisself, he was laughing so hard, yuk, yuk, yuk,..,
#hisself #non-educated #moron #toothless #nascar #hills #hood
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
1. Description of any person whose feet naturally rotate at the ankles towards each other such that the toes on each foot are angled towards each other in a state of rest. 2. What eventually happens to the feet of all members of a marching band.
1. My brother is pigeon toed. Not sure why he is because it's not hereditary. 2. The school band has two hundred members and their all pigeon toed. Yea, I think it's a membership requirement.
#pigeon toed #pidgeon toed #feet #marching band #angled
by Roland819 December 05, 2006
Disproportionately wide hips on a women who otherwise could be considered attractive.
She's an attractive lady even if she is packing saddle bags.
#saddle bags #wide #hips #women #fat
by Roland819 December 13, 2006
Term used by smokers to describe a smoking location in a location that has banned smoking.
Rosie I'll meet you at the lab in five minutes. In the mean time pick up a pack and some matches.
#lab #smoke #smoker #location #cigarette
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
1. Short for Heineken beer. An example of which can be found in the introductory lyrics to Weezer's "Say It Ain't So". 2. Another word for ass.
1. Honey, grab me a Heine from the icebox then cook me up some dinner. 2. After grabbing the brew from the icebox instead of dinner how about giving me a little Heine?
#heine #heineken #beer #lyrics #weezer #ass
by Roland819 December 05, 2006
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