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from the french expression "agace pisette", a pipi is a kind of girl that will deliberately make guys around her horny but will not have sex with them. They usualy wear smalls skirts.
Look at those girls, "criss de pipi à marde"
by roi ponpon August 14, 2005
to add after an adjective
(in french->raide)
-The movie was cool, I debuzz tight!
(in french->
-le film était malade, j'débuzz tight/j'débuzz raide
-j'aime tes souliers, ils sont malades raide
by roi ponpon August 14, 2005
"là" is a french word that can be translating by "now" in english. In quebec, they use this in there sentence like a kind of ponctuation.
-mais, je ne sais pas quoi faire->mais là je ne sais pas quoi faire
-je m'en vais, bye.->je m'en vais bye là
by roi ponpon August 14, 2005
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