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53 definitions by rogerthewale


To irritate or provoke to a high degree through the use of masturbation.
1) Hey man! That's like, your fourth time masturbating today! Get a fucking girlfriend.

2) Dude! Quit jerking it in front of me! Or i am going to be exasperbated with you.
by rogerthewale November 16, 2011

To accumulate tattoos in excessive amounts, with the refusal to get the shitty ones lasered off.
Bob: Hey man. Do you have any tan skin left?!?

Cody: Probly not dude. I spent most of my mom's weekly allowance checks on tattoos, sumthin like 15 Gs.

Bob: Damn dude! Can't you get that shitty dragon off yer neck?!?

Cody: Noooo! It brings me back memories of my ex-girlfriend from 8 years ago.

Bob: Man, you have a terrible tattoo hoarding problem. You need help!
by rogerthewale November 10, 2011
The failure to shoot your load as you reach orgasm. The misfire may be due to a recent ejaculation, or chasing an orgasm way to soon.
Bill: I jerked it for the 4th time today and tried too hard to reach orgasm and I misfired.

Bob: Dafuq is your problem man?! You don't tell me shit like that. Later dude, enjoy your blue balls.
by rogerthewale January 15, 2013
After shooting your wad to porn, you quickly switch from a horny mood to a disgusted mood.
Porno mood swing:

(Watching porn) Oh yeah! Give it to her! Yeah let me see that tight ass! (Ejaculates) What the fuck am I watching? Don't treat her like that. She's somebody's daughter. Go get a real job you sleazy a-hole!
by rogerthewale January 09, 2013
The rare sighting of nudity in youtube videos.
Dude! I watched a documentary on Queen and one scene had a couple seconds of youboobs!!!
by rogerthewale April 25, 2012
1. A nice way of saying "Love makes you do fucked up shit."

2. The biggest understatement ever spoken by the masses.
Love is blind.

No. Love is not blind. It's fucking delusional.
by rogerthewale January 24, 2013
One's natural preference in romantic partners, not to be confused with sexual orientation, which is one's natural preference in sexual partners.
Joe: I hate girls so much. They disgust me!

Jim: Really! I always thought you were straight! We should go out someday. We could hook up!

Joe: No. I'm not attracted to men. My sexual orientation is straight, but my romantic orientation is neither. I want to fuck girls, not have a relationship with them.
by rogerthewale January 18, 2013