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Women's Butt Crack Cleavage = CRACKAGE. When NO THONG IS PRESENT (no whale tail), only butt crack. CRACKAGE.
"Wow check out that girls crackage, she didn't wear panties today, what a naughty girl."

"So this girl reached for the shoe box, and WOW, her Crackage was Everywhere!"

"I couldn't help but notice your crackage, can I take you out sometime?"

"Nice crackage, you're making me aroused, in the middle of the food court."
by Roeder181 on youtube March 06, 2010
Tan Lines, an invisible bikini once she gets naked. Invisible Bikini! Invisible bra and panties. She's nude and you see a bikini on her skin color.. INVISIKINI !!!
She undressed, and her Invisikini was showing!! Breasts that are capable of endowing milk should be colored a pale white, like the milk inside of them <3
by roeder181 on youtube July 06, 2010
Winsday, the way Wednesday should be spelled. No one cares about the mythological story Mercury, and there's no need to Wed anybody in the middle of the week.

Less wedding more Winning!

Happy Hump Day!! It's Winsday!!
by Roeder181 on youtube August 04, 2010

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