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To be utterly owned and pwned until destruction. You will feel much pain.
"OMG, that guy got boardschlapped!"
"If you annoy me one more FREAKIN time I will boardschlap you!"
"Dang, he was well boardschlapped"
by rocknrollrocksout February 17, 2010
Misspelling of Fiery. Appears in the facebook group "shoulders of firey vengeance" and also at the end of many youtube videos made by rocknrollrocksout. Was originally a misspelling in this case but was kept for humour.
"My favorite Facebook group is Shoulders of Firey Vengeance"
"That is one firey hot salsa"
by rocknrollrocksout August 15, 2012
A mathematical and scientific hypothesis that proves any statement true using only the words "Common Sense".
"Given- Equilateral Triangle ABC has an area of 5 a height of 5, and a side length of x.

Prove- Triangle ABC has a perimeter of 3.

Step 1- Perimeter = 3
Reason- Common Sense Theorem"

While the above statement is impossible, the common sense proves it true.
by rocknrollrocksout May 08, 2011
1)To get owned very badly, and feel extremely sick inside.

2)To get your head stuck and be blinded.
"O my, he lowered his head and under the bag he was blounded!"
"Chuck Norris WILL blound you."
by rocknrollrocksout February 17, 2010
A euphemism for when someone bangs their fist on a table, hits an object (usually a food item), and creates a mess. Usually occurs in middle and high schools where immaturity runs rampant.
"Looks like Mike Beyton Blasted his lunch all over me again."
by rocknrollrocksout March 26, 2012
A worksheet that students brutally dislike.
Why do teachers give us so many Adillus'
by rocknrollrocksout January 25, 2011
To ask if someone knows what you mean.
"Dis stuff make ya feel good, nawwattamean?"
by rocknrollrocksout August 19, 2013

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